Skills I learned growing up on a farm, what skills did you learn growing up?

Things I learned how to do growing up on a farm/ranch.

1. Learned to start shooting at 8 years old, this included extensive gun safety measures, things that many adults never learn themselves.

2. Was driving ATVs by myself at 8 years old, including towing custom-built ATV trailers behind them or custom-built trailers to haul other kids around in for fun.

3. By 11 years old, I was driving a tractor, a front-end loader to move winter cow manure piles into the fields to be tilled under. I would use the tiller on the back of the tractor to mix it in.

4. At 12 was pretty good at riding the horses and learned not to fall off and get kicked by them. Only took one time of that.

5. Also learned to mix up formula, feed the calves and milk the cows each day by hand or with the machine, before and after school when I was 12. This was a daily chore before going to catch the bus.

6. At 14 was using a backhoe to dig holes in the ground, also had a front-end loader.

7. Also at 14, learned to drive a old 89 pickup truck that is manual, yup a stick shift... sure I'd just floor it and spin the tires like crazy to avoid stalling as part of my learning method, it was dirt anyways, but hey I learned and eventually got really good at it. Could eventually stop on a hill and start without stalling or spinning tires.

8. At 16 I was using a forklift to move stuff on pallets or various farm equipment machinery. The forklift had a hole drilled in one of the forks, to drop towing pins in. Most farm equipment we had is pin, not ball hook up.

There is all the regular school stuff too, just focused on my life and farm life specifically here.

I am not officially licensed for any of these, but you don't need to be when on private property.

I don't actually want a job that uses any of these skills, I just use them when I go home twice a year to help out on the farm to this day.

What kind of skills did you learn growing up?
Skills I learned growing up on a farm, what skills did you learn growing up?
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