Relationship between supervisor and employee?

Part 1.
Im very close with one of my employees who is a machine operator. recently we hired a new supervisor and there are rumors that she is going out with him after only a few months of him working with us, im just curious if i should bring it up to her that i heard some rumors going around that she is dating the new supervisor and it’s unprofessional, or should i just wait for her to bring it up to me?
Part 2.
I noticed that this supervisor goes out of his way to help her out with her work more then he goes to the other lines that we have. Also she used to go to the other supervisors we have in the past, but now she will only call for him to come help her. It’s kind of noticeable that he favors her, me being above him should I approach him and tell him it’s unprofessional or should HR be notified?
Relationship between supervisor and employee?
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