Does education buy friends?

In university, I found the kindest l, most inclusive, most caring and most supportive people were also the smartest and the most educated. The nicest guy I knew at age 21, had two Ivy League doctorates in medical sciences at age 35. Another guy I considered far kinder than others, got straight A+‘s in University while working a job and doing volunteer ministry at school. All three being full time activities. Even those not so elite in school were super nice and the kindest Christian from bible study I knew at age 32, had a degree in engineering.

On the other hand, the guys I knew in school who got lower grades usually had very bad personalities, some of them flunking their courses or getting kicked out of university due to failing grades, these guys disrespected people, slandered people, mistreated people and abused people.

Outside University, I found the less educated somebody was, the worst their personality was. Jealous people who gossip about me, spread lies about me, try to get me fired, racially profiled me with discriminatory lies, give me dirty looks when I walk into the room, none of that low class aggression exists in my school and among my educated friends. The friends I hated were all uneducated: their verbal, moral and social manners were all disgusting.
Does education buy friends?
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