Job in Jeopardy?


Hi guys!

I’ve been working at a major financial institution for about 3 years. I currently work as a claims analyst/ claims analyst and I am on the verge of quitting. I’m currently paid for 35 hours a week but I often go over (unpaid) just to complete my tasks due to the work volume. I never received training (except for the bare minimum of how to use the software) and I feel lost. During my last coaching my manager just shit on me for an hour straight about all the mistakes I’ve been making on files. I’ve been in the position for 8 months and she’s only telling me this now so I feel upset that these things weren’t corrected when I first started. In addition to the work volume and lack of support, in my offer letter it stated that I must complete my exams to obtain my licence otherwise my employment will be terminated without severance. When I accepted this position 8 months ago I was not aware that people go to school full time for 10 months to become an adjuster and that the books for studying (7 in total and 6000 pages) are only available in French (I live in Canada) and that if I quit before my 12 months I owe the company money they paid for my exams and materials. I failed 2 of my exams and I am waiting to write my final attempt. My question is if I quit will they really force me to pay back that money and if I fail my last exam can I be fired from a company I’ve been at for 3 years? I’m not happy at my current job and I want to leave but I feel trapped. Has anyone else been in this position? Any help is appreciated.
Job in Jeopardy?
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