Should I apply anyway knowing the chances could be slim?

or rather look for job positions with a much less salary, less professionalism and less experience so I won't find a job that really worth what I learned in 15 years of experience, especially now in this world crisis. Im in the age where many employers or companies prefer to hire younger bloods for theri job positions. It is the reality unfortunately as some companies prefer to teach and train young people and pay them not so much rather than to hire a person of a certain age who may have more experience in certain areas and not pay them a good salary because of the experience and it can be a high salary what the person asks for.

I got fired from my job of 15 years on November 2019 then came the pandemic 2020 and I really did not even want to look for a job cause it was impossible as many companies around the world instead of increasing personally they were reducing staff for the expenses and companies economy at the pandemic times, so they were firing employees and letting go employees, instead and also many employees went back to work from home (the ones who kept their jobs) so that way office rental, and utilities expenses in a company were highly reduced by not wanting their staff to work at the office and also due tot he virus as well, so by doing so they saved a lot of money in rent, utilities, therefore they could not hire staff as some companies may have money problems at that moment.

So, I did not even try to look for a job in 2020 it was like impossible to find a job and also companies were not really hiring. It came 2021 and even if the crisis were still out there, finding a job was not that easy still, many companies were hit hard and some even were closed or dissapear. Maybe things started to get better in the middle of the year last year I dont know if that happened in your countries or still unemployment were high. But employees many ketp working from home as that is now like the new normalcy working from home for the job positions that.. cont..
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could work from home not all positions have that advantage. I really did not did any effort to start looking in 2021 cause it was difficult for usre to find a job like soon, it could had taken months and months to even find a job or a job that really was under good conditions or accept a job that was not worth what I do or my knowledge.

Is 2022 and now that things are improved with the crisis, even with this new variants and restrictions everywhere again many companies employees, schools...
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are returning presencially to their venues, but I dont know if unemployement still it is a big issue in your countries even as today. SO now I do have to start looking for a job but maybe now could be easier or more difficult, as companies maybe now look for other kind of requirements for candidates as for the pandemic they could had changed the way they want their new staff from now on a new normalcy. Im 50 and most of the jobs Im looking for what I do they want candidates ranges from 25 -40
Should I apply anyway knowing the chances could be slim?
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