What would you do if most of the jobs you wish to apply, you dont have like 2 of their requirements?

Would you apply anyway even if there is a chance you won't be called for an interview or you rather not waste the time cause you know they won't take you into account as you dont have one or 2 of the requirements they are looking in a candidate?

I had been unemployed since Nov 2019 (before pandemic) then it came the pandemic and it was way too difficult to finda job in 2020 for anyone who was unemployed so for all 2020 I did not even look for one I knew companies were not hiring people instead they were firing all over or the employees they already have their shifts or contracts were reduced.

It come 2021 and things were not like really easy still to find a job so no job for me. Now 2022, things are more in control, people are more vaccinated and most of them are returning personally to the office and more things are a little bit normal, so maybe this time i could find a job although still it could be difficult and I could me still with no job for months, as many companies for the pandemic, are reducing costs and other stuff to reduce their expenses the reason many employees are now working from home, just a few re working in the offices per se. Anyway I had been checking the requirements on job pages of what requirements or qualities, the employers are looking for to hire a person in the job positions Im familiar with and I could apply. Most of the job ads requiere people from 25-40 and Im 50.
Many companies like to hire young blood with not much experience in order for them to mold the new employees the way they want to, in comparison of a person with many years experience who may ask for a lot of salary due to the experience they have and they deserve to earn for their experience, not lower their experience standards, of a person should lower theri standards in order to find the job more easily with this crisis? The experience I have is a a work that it MUST be done at the office site, I can't do it from home and with the crisis many employee cont..
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(not all) work from home, but of coruse there are some workers who still need to go to the office to work. Anyway my job is of a assistant/secretary I can't work like taht from home, impossible. The job ads I had found so far are jobs that require the candidate to be between 25- 35 or 25-40. Not one job for candidates over 45, so it could be difficult for me to find a job easily, maybe there are jobs but rarely.
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Should I lower my experience and find any job related to my position, like if I was before an executive secretary now to look for a job doing reception duties, a saleswoman at a store for example (I dont have sales experience n zero zero) also to apply even if they dont ask for candidates to be over 45? I had a friend who did similar duties like myself, she was fired and so far no jobs she has found, so she applied for a waitress job at a beach city, I mean she had to lower her experience.
What would you do if most of the jobs you wish to apply, you dont have like 2 of their requirements?
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