What are some ways I can explain to a business owner, that I dont want a job at their business?

I had a meeting at a place of business, with the owner. She has employed her daughter, when i met them, i totally thought that they were cool and this place was for me. But it changed when i had my trial, my friend is in the same industry (at another place) and during the end of my trial, the owner was talking crap about him. Which i didn't like, turned me off and ruined my impression of them.

they accused me of doing things wrong (which i didn't) and would dip out of the room a few times and be gone for at least 10 minutes, ofc to talk crap about me. When i chatted to them before i left, i told them that i was friends with the guy (the one mentioned above) and sometimes i go to him for service. The owner got in my face and said “HOW DARE YOU WANT A JOB IN MY ESTABLISHMENT!”. Then i listened to her say nasty things about my friend like “he doesn't care about the people that go there, im surprised his even your friend”, our friend owns his own business in the industry and the owner was saying stuff like “his a embarrassment to this industry”, our friend has a good reputation, has sales.

after she talked crap, she wanted to employ me. But i will be on a contract, where basically im her property. Which will also include in me not being allowed to be friends with my friend and i won't be allowed to talk to him.

i expressed this with my partner, as this friend is actually his friend. My partner said that i won't be going back and he won't allow me to get a job there, even another friend we seen yesterday, told us that the owner talks about everyone and i may have dodge a bullet. But i dont know what to say, as the boss keeps nagging for a response. Any ideas on what i could say? Im so stuck 😬
What are some ways I can explain to a business owner, that I dont want a job at their business?
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