Should I speak out against my Supervisor?

Our new supervisor keeps threatening to fire everybody. None of the employees like this guy. Our old supervisor was replaced for leadership failure, So he came in strong trying to prove he could solve everything..

I overheard a Coworker on the phone talking about how stressed he is at work..
I feel his pain.

The new supervisor threatens us daily, We have meetings where he says he doesn’t have a problem replacing people who don’t finish the Job on time.

It’s not as easy as they try and make it seem.
They predict the times we should be done with work & If we miss the time, we’re Toast.

The coworker I overheard has one of the worst jobs, I fill in from time to time.

My job is usually easy, tedious, but not really physically demanding..
Should I speak up and tell this guy to give everybody a break?
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Should I speak out against my Supervisor?
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