Why is drawing and painting so much more popular than sculpting?

I know loads of people who draw or paint, but none, apart from myself, that sculpt.
Why is that so?


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  • I think drawing and painting is a lot more accessible than sculpting, or at least it appears to be. You can just grab a pen or pencil and doodle and get drawing things but it's not as easy if you wanted to sculpt something. I personally prefer looking at drawings and the shading/colour etc. I prefer seeing art on paper than anything a bit more 3 dimensional :)

    • But you can't put a painting or drawing on a table as an interior piece.

    • Asker: Yes you can :3 its called papercraft!

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  • probably because reality puts limits what you can do in sculpture. but in drawing and painting the only limit is your skill and imagination.

    sculpture also seems a bit stiff and lifeless compared to drawing.

    • It takes a lot of skill to draw something good, much more that sculpt in my opinion. Most people that draw or paint usually draw and paint shit. That's why I don't understand it. Why to do something you're not good at.

    • I'm a graphic designer and draw quite a bit and I can tell you it takes YEARS to get good at drawing and that EVERYONE sucks at first. I've seen early work from top notch artists comic artists like jim lee, todd mcfarlane, michael turner and it was all horrible. but many years later they got good.

      here's a before and after from the most popular guy on deviant art showing what he did as a teenager vs recent work.

      this is what he does now

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  • I think drawing/painting is less expensive (initially) and its easier to get into since you just need a pencil/pen
    I also think its harder to think three dimensional so not that many people go there creatively

    In the art department at my college, sculpture is just as popular as drawing/painting. A few months ago we got to meet Peter Callas and he spent the day lecturing and doing demos and stuff which was pretty cool.


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  • Because no one has the skills or the means to sculpt any more and statues are less prominent than they once were.

    • "statues are less prominent than they once were"
      What do you mean by that? There where more sculptors in the past than painters?

    • No. In ancient times, there were statues EVERYWHERE. Now, you're lucky if the average city has 10.

    • I'm not talking about that kind of sculpture.

  • 3d printing. 'Nuff said.

    • There are equally less people that 3d model than computer draw. So it still applies even in the digital world.

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    • It's still easier to sculpt by hand and then scan and edit than to do it in 3d from scratch.

    • True, but the problem with doing that is the quality of the 3d scanners is still pretty mediocre compared to a completely digitized model. Until the scanner tech catches up, then that's still a little far out.

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