Do any of you enjoy reading magazines that are geared towards the opposite gender? I like reading GQ and Men's Health. And Wired. Is that strange?

I like Lucky magazine, but I have never really gotten into Cosmo or LHJ/Redbook, etc. There seems to more useful information in men's magazines.
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  • Hate mags. You think those editors would be sex gurus with 6 packs and all the latest fashion trends after all the crap they spew. Look at all those mags: 3 themes... Better sex, lose weight and a cover story... every month? You would think after 20 years of publishing of the same shit, there would be a finality on the subject.


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  • I read a few of those online "how to know if he's a keeper" articles as something of a self checklist. I like to know how I stand on what's considered husband material.

  • nope its not strange. I think plenty of guys read cosmo.


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