Looking for a specific painting?

It's not that important, but it's been bugging me.
I've been looking for a painting that I remember seeing once. I believe it's a famous one, a it reminds me of the one with the old couple with the pitchfork.
It's either an old lady, or an old couple, but I remember the woman didn't have any teeth, and her face was all scrunched up like she doesn't even have a jaw on top, and it's almost like she just goes from nose to chin with no mouth. I saw a lady that looked just like that at work, and it almost made me laugh, but now nobody knows what painting I'm talking about, but I was pretty sure it was a famous one. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

she's like this s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...97154d4c2d.jpg
I can't remember anything else about the painting though.


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  • wot style it was then?


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  • I need more details.


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