80s music poll: Favorite album by Pete Townshend/Roger Daltrey?

Both members of “The Who” who made some solo-albums during 80s and had a few hits. My fav here would be “ If Parting Should Be Painless” by roger daltrey…it’s closer to my preferences
  • Empty Glass (Pete Townshend)
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  • All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (Pete Townshend)
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  • White City: A Novel (Pete Townshend)
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  • McVicar (Roger Daltrey)
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  • If Parting Should Be Painless (Roger Daltrey)
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  • Under A Raging Moon (Roger Daltrey)
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  • Can't Wait To See The Movie)
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  • White City vs Empty Glass is a hard choice.

    Pete Townshend is my favorite musician, so its not a hard choice to choose him over Daltrey. Empty Glass has songs like Gonna Get Ya and Rough Boys, plus others on it which are good but White City seems a little bit more polished. Plus White City tells a story of a young man trying to overcome poverty and strife in his city.

    Give Blood, Hiding Out, and White City Fighting are my favorite tracks, mostly due to the complexity of Townshend's lyrics. Plus with bonus tracks like Save it for Later it is very hard to beat that.

    I love them both but overrall White City takes it.

    • i liked "Face The Face" from White City mostly

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    • I was told "White City" (which is an actual real place in London) was based upon an idea that Pete Townshend had from "Quadrophenia", namely, what if "Jimmy" instead of presumably killing himself in the end of that story, lived on to become a middle aged man, and how might his life have turned out, divorced and living in a "housing estate" in that neighborhood. (Note to Americans--a housing estate is NOT a great place to live, American connotations of the word don't apply).

    • @Curmudgeon I'm on the side that Jimmy drowns at the end, although its interesting to think if he had lived

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  • Not familiar with this music, I just wanted to say... welcome to the mod teammmm!


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  • Have vague recollections of them being solo in the 1980s so I went to youtube - I thought Roger Daltrey more my style.

  • I always liked "All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes". Moody and introspective, but well done.

  • Finally, an 80s question that I actually know. I went with A

  • Empty glass. Did you see the whos woodstock performance.


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