How long should you wait til you introduce your child to your new boyfriend/girlfriend?

By the looks of things, Wilson is already pretty close to Ciara's son, Future Zahir. The young man showed up at the camp proudly wearing a No. 3 on his sleeve, which is Wilson's number, and the two even shared a really sweet hug. Do you think its appropiate dor her to do that even though they only knew each other for a month? Girls would bring your kid aroubd to meet your new beau?

I personally wouldn't bring my kid around unless I'm very comfortable around that person. My boyfriend has two girls. He waited


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  • I waited about six months. That was when is was certain that would be couple.


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  • Ciara is moving pretty fast on that one. I would say 6months to a year. They can meet around the 6 month time frame but not start getting that close like "stepdaddy" close until a year is up. Russell Wilson seems like a good dude but too many women make that mistake and wonder why their kids are getting molested right under their noses. can't trust everybody


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  • I would wait at least 6 months, you have to make sure that the relationship will last at least a few years because you dont want to dissapoint your kids.

  • wait at least a few months.


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