Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy are breaking up! If they can't make it, is there anyone who can?

They had a press conference today to announce their split:


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  • I think that is good. As a child I liked miss piggy cause pink was my favourite colour and miss piggy was the closest thing to pink i could find on the muppets but now I don't like her cause she looks like a fat lazy blond - a typical drunkard who eats french fries and potato chips all day and then brags about how beautiful she is and how proud she is of her larger body. I'm glad they broke up. Kermit should be with somebody more conservative and selfless.


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  • I doubt many people care. xD

    • Probably not, but this is the biggest news to come on my boring day. Lol

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    • I'm not too bummed about it. And yeah, imagine Donkey and Dragon from Shrek breaking up. haha

    • Hahaha Well that would be tougher on the whole family. xD

  • Nooooooooooooo not kermit

  • yeah if they can not make it who can !


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