What's a cover of a Beatles song that you like?

Many artists (using the word loosely in some cases...) have covered songs by The Beatles, the vast majority of them are poor attempts at copying what the Beatles did. There are however a few cover versions which I feel are actually worth lisenting too, which play the song differently so it's not just played the same, but not as well.

So are there any you like?

These ones I think are alright:

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  • I disagree, I love cover versions
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  • I'm a weirdo, I don't even like The Beatles versions
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Anyone have a view on this?


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  • I can't post links. So add the you-know-who-tube beginning. :)

    This is really good by Jeff Beck
    watch? v=hHHY3eRUMsM

    Here's a classic cover by Joe Cocker
    watch? v=nCrlyX6XbTU

    Another classic cover By Richie Havens
    watch? v=VBbXKsKXyNU

    I like this one by Los Lobos
    watch? v=omS-5oz8F8o

    • It looks like auto correct also added a space after the question mark. So take that out also.

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  • i like the originals better.

    • Are there any cover versions you think are alright though?

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