I wrote a song & recorded a demo version of it on my computer. I want to see what you guys and girls think of it. give any opinions you want?

It is a demo version and as such recorded with bad recording gear and methods, because I don't know anything about recording properly. plus i made the drums on the computer and they are not very good. I made up the guitar, bass, lyrics and performed the vocals. the vocals are not really sung as much as they are.

the song may not be lined up exactly as it should be and some of the lyrics are not what they say, in the lyrics box, but they are close. anyways the song is at the bottom of the profile in this link:


I don't think many if any of you will be able to relate to the lyrics, it's not really about situations or everyday things. please comment and let me know what you think.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I REALLY like it. It sounds great. It's creative, unique and entertaining.

    • I'm not sure that there has been enough time to listen to it lol, but maybe there was, thanks!!

    • I listened to the beginning, posted my comment - listened to it for another 20 seconds and then left the music website. I liked the beginning a lot the only thing is the vocals seem kind of strangely fitted - like it isn't consistent in tone with each segment of the song and in each measure.

    • thanks, yeah the vocals are off, and don't rhyme well, but rhyming isn't what I was going for

What Guys Said 1

  • There is no harmony in the song, It sounds chaotic.


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