Part III: Favorite Electronic Music Genre (Period Late 80s – Early 90s)?

Sorry not familiar wid Hardcore Techno, so i put some random megamix i found :|

Anyway among da options... probably i'd go wid Goa-Trance/Trance mostly :D

  • Acid House
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  • Rave
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  • Drum And Bass
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  • Jungle
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  • Goa-Trance
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  • Trance
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  • Hardcore Techno
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Peronsally I am not a fan of techno at all. I am a rock fan all the way-- classic, modern, metal, pop-rock, whatever. However, I listened to these so for about 3 minutes each (about 2 minutes straight and 1 minute skipping around) so I could get a feel for it.

    I quite honestly did not particularly care for any of them, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with Acid House. Acid House made me feel more of an 80s pop-with-electronic vibe. While I do not enjoy electronic, I can deal with pop. Because of that pop feel, that is my favorite.

    My thoughts on the others:
    Hardcore techno: It made me want to spaz out at 240 bpm. It was way too fast paced for me it sounded like over the top gaming music. The instruments were a clutter of sounds that just didn't click for me. Too much going on.

    Trance: This would be my third choice. It had a decent lead instrument and had a nice changing of pace. It also had the pulsing bass too to keep it driving. The piano synth gave it some emotion also in the song.

    Goa- Trance: I didn't really like this one either. Reminded me of Rob Zombie background without guitar. I don't like Rob Zombie. Sure, it had the pulsing beat, but I feel the lead was lacking. It sounds like simple arpeggio stuff I could easily make in Logic Pro.

    Drum and Bass: Seeing the genre "drum and bass," I thought it was going to be some funk electronic thing. Instead it turned out to be some hip hop/ rap thing. This ranks as my lowest. I reallly do not like hip hop / rap.

    Rave: It felt wayyy too repetitive for my taste. I can see how it is cool for getting crowds pumped up though because it has a strong pulsing beat.

    Jungle: The guitar at the beginning was my favorite part of the song, and I like the hint of rock influence it has on it. For the song especially, I liked the type of synth used in it more than the others. This is my second pick.

    So yeah... I guess me and electronic music don't really click too well. But hey, to each his own :D


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What Girls Said 1

  • Rave, all the way, but I also like Hardcore Techno and Goa Trance :D


What Guys Said 3

  • I actually liked a lot of them
    1 Trance
    2 Hardcore Techno
    3 Jungle
    4 Acid House
    5 Drum and Bass
    6 Rave
    7 Goa Trance

  • I kinda prefer Trance, but Rave is also great, as well as Hardcore Techno

  • Hardcore techno just happens to be my thing.

    • really? wot do u consider HT?

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    • hmm never heard about 'em... just checked and it says they r pretty new... guess u should teach me when i'm about to improve my knowledge in 00s-10s music ;p

    • lol maybe, maybe :D

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