Can anyone help me out where to download the sims (any sims) and mine craft from?

Can anyone help me out where to download the sims (any sims) and mine craft from without buying it and virus free?


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  • Minecraft - Google "Minecraft Teamextreme" they provide latest the Minecraft launcher with quick updates. I have been playing Minecraft using Teamextrem crack for like 3 years 😂
    If you're going for non paid Minecraft you will have to select a cracked Minecraft server, also known as non-premium servers. There are lot like guildcraft. org or wal-craft. EU or pikanetwork. net 👈 top servers with many game modes like survival and prison etc etc..
    You can go to their website or download through torrents.
    If you need any help, let me know ☺

    Plus... Use "Optifine" (a java plugin) to use high definition graphics and smooth run 👍


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  • Would you not just purchase it? Some game shops sell The Sims/The Sims 2 for under $5 or even go on eBay and buy second hand games there, then at least you've the full game for a small fee & no problems

    • I do not have the finances to do so as well as i live in South Africa

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  • Minecraft - Mineshafter actually works wonders. Completely free and runs just like minecraft on a pc.

    The Sims - YouTube search, "sims (2/3/4) pc for free" Channel FriendlyNeighborhoodSims3Helper can give good instructions for first timers.

    When you live in a broke household, my ass ain't paying about $60 for a game. I'll pay $60 for GTA V on a PS4, but not the Sims cause it's just too easy to get for free online.

  • Minecraft> Download an app marketplace called 1Mobile for your pc, Every app on that marketplace is free, including minecraft.

  • OceanofGames has the Sims. I suggest you just buy Minecraft though so you will have access to proper multiplayer.

  • Have you ever read about torrents? Search about that... i dont know if i can talk about that here...

    • I don't want to tor**** because every time i do i end up getting those pesky viruses that i can't get off my laptop

    • google "file sharing search engine", try the sites , search for what you want, maybe your lucky and find them.

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