How to get more Followers and be more popular on twitter?

Like the concept of twitter... But honnestly I feel kind of alone XD... How do you get into the whole thing... and have people see your tweets, and all... What do you usually tweet about? Can celebrities see your tweets to them?


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  • Twitter isn't like FB. FB is about being seen. Twitter is about seeing. When you only have 140 characters to relay information, that information becomes boiled down. You can't rant for three or four paragraphs about how terrible your day was. You break you day down quickly. People on Twitter tend to process information quickly in small bites.

    If you want to play on Twitter, then start Tweeting. Don't worry about who sees it at first. You'll find followers. Interact with people and companies and celebrities. Use hashtags and use trending hashtags. You'll be surprised who will start following you.

    Feel free to follow me and I'll follow you back. I'm @BatDoc.

    • Ho yea... And what's the precise context of Hashtags? Like what can be a hashtag and stuff?

    • Anything can be a hashtag. You usually use hashtags for something that will trend. For instance, #Cecilthelion was a recent one, that was shortened to #Cecil. The recent #GOPdebate on Fox. Just look at the trending section of Twitter and you'll get a better idea for hashtags.

      The hashtag lets what you tweet show up in the feed of the hashtag, so it links your tweets to the conversation everyone is having.

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  • i have over 1000 followers... I just post interesting stuff, which is largely for my job. and retweet others, generally just be a good dude.

  • Have you tried acting?

    • :)
      You know i'm halfway as famous as you right now, Chris Pratt, People just don't know it... lol
      Guardians Was nice... Jurassic World... HEH xd

    • Cool and thanks. :)

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