80s music poll: Favorite album by The Godfathers/Chumbawamba?

The Godfathers had some decent stuff during da 80s…maybe their debut was better than their 2 next albums... but they were good overall.

As for Chumbawamba…. they were awful during da 80s…. they were much better when they became poppier after “tubthumping”
  • Hit By Hit (The Godfathers)
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  • Birth, School, Work, Death (The Godfathers)
    Vote B
  • More Songs About Love And Hate (The Godfathers)
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  • Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (Chumbawamba)
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  • Never Mind the Ballots (Chumbawamba)
    Vote E
  • English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 (Chumbawamba)
    Vote F
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  • I only remember Chumbawamba from their poppy days - Gawd they were awful in the 1980s - I am surprised I haven't heard of The Godfathers because I thought stuff I listened to on Youtube was quite good.


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