What guitar brand should I get?

I have been playing guitar for a year and half now and I wanted to get a nicer guitar than I have already. The one that I am currently using is a B. C Rich I don't care for it all. It's old and has a couple of dents and marks on it. Since I am fairly new to guitar playing I wasn't really sure what brand of guitar I should get. I play metal mostly and I want a guitar more suitable for it. When I picked out my first guitar I had no idea what I was doing so I picked a guitar based on looks. But now I can play and see which ones are suitable for my playing style. Any brand suggestions?


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  • Metal = Ibanez

    OR the same model that one of your favorite guitarists uses (Kirk Hammet ESP guitars, Dimebag Dean guitars, etc)

    I have a $150 Ibanez RG120 and it sounds pretty great for thrash and heavy metal.

    • Thanks it looks like I am going to try and to find an Ibanez because that's what all the opinions are recommending.

    • my personal favorite are ESP/LTD with Ibanez in a close second. I was really impressed with the stock pickups that came in my viper. they have great output and crunch

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  • Go to a shop and try different ones.

    My brand of choice is Ibanez.

  • Ibanez is a good guitar brand for playing metal however I would go to a couple of music shops and try some guitars out yourself


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