What to do when listening to an Audiobook?

Sorry odd question:
So I had summer reading on 3 books, I red everyone but I'm only on page 150 out of 300 of I am Malala, so
insted of reading i've decided to listen to the Audiobook but its kind of hard to pay attention bc when I read my eyes focus on the words and I can't do anything else but when I listen to an audiobook i kind of just sat there and stared at the blank screen? Is this how its supposed to go? I'm more of a visual learner... I can't read bc the audiobook will be quicker since i'm a slow reader, but its 19 hours! o-o But i'm already like 7 hours into it bc i skipped it bc I read it all already, but it took me a while to figure out where I actually was and what I already read.
Also, if anyone has read the book I am Malala, please give a detailed summary, starting from around page 100 to the end. Bc i have a huge test on all 3 books this upcomign Friday! And i'm not sure i'f i'll be able to listen to the entire Audio Book
Ik this is A LOT to ask but I need help, thank you SO much if anyone answers.


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  • Well, I've never read the book, but I can tell you that while I'm usually a pretty good reader, I too have trouble focusing on the page at times. And an audiobook is a good substitute for getting the information down. However, one thing you could do, since you have the physical copy of the book and the audiobook, is sit down, turn on the audiobook while reading the text on the page and just follow along. That way your not stumbling or jumping around the page because you have a well paced skim of the text, and you're still getting the material down in you memory through the two separate methods. I've done it before and it has always worked for me.

    • Thank you! i'll do this

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    • THANKS :)

    • Thanks for MHO! It's too bad no one else commented, you know. I hate how people will comment all over a question about sex but if a person asks a legitimate question like yours nobody can take the time to help, it's kind of sad really. But anyway, did it help?

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  • Play agar. io

    I listen to 1984 while playing that thing.

  • I work a lot so that's the only time I really listen to audio books


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