Is Taylor Swift the all conquering Queen of this decade as Beyonce was of the last?

Also some guys think Miley Cyrus dresses like a streetwalker and looks like a vd whore who has a blue waffle. Do you think thats true?
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  • Miley Cyrus has no business doing what she's doing... it's grossly well gross. I mean, if that's how she wants to live her life, that's something she'll have to answer for, but T-Swift beats her any given day.

    • Yeah miley looks like a girl you know has vd. Daddy issues im thinking because she's a redneck.

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    • Nothings says redneck like having your fifthteen year old daughter appear in a racey pose with nothing but a sheet covering her modesty on the cover of a magazine.

    • valid point.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It hasn't been a decade yet. Since Beyoncé is still being talked about more than ever I figured I give it till 2020 or 2025. Taylor only became more famous bc of Kanye being Kanye. Either way I could care less.

    • She was already famous b4 Kanye and has taken both the pop and country charts by storm with hit after hit.

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    • Like anyone listens to country let alone country pop.

    • The world wide country album sales disagree.

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  • Swift will be forgotten, all in good time.

    But Beyoncé will be remembered 15-20 years from now

    • Hard to forget the woman who infamously lip synced the national anthem during a presidential inauguration.

    • Not really lol

      Incidents like that may be remembered, but not her

    • We will see if its forgotten in 20 years.

  • The two could burn in hell for all I care. Materialistic pieces of shit trying to treat real life like its high school.

  • Queen of what?

    • Music

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    • You're foolish...

    • And your ignorant

  • She's over rated to be honest. Not as good of a singer as Beyonce!

    • Taylor has no problem singing the national anthem.

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    • I always thought beyonce was overated and kelly Rowland was a far better singer.

    • I guess she might be overrated too in a way.

      But I agree, Kelly Rowland is an amazing singer!

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