Has anyone here seen the movie 'Brick'?

If you haven't, you should! The plot of the movie is a highschool student named Brendan (Joseph Gordon Levitt) and his 'sidekick' known only as The Brain coordinate a reconaissance mission involving a big time drug dealer known only as The Pin after Brendan finds his ex girlfriend Emily Kostage dead outside of a tunnel.

Has anyone here seen the movie 'Brick'?
This movie is honestly one of the more original films I've ever seen in my life, and the old detective vibe it gives paired with how young the kids involved are is extremely fun and surprisingly fitting. The score of the movie is mindblowing as well, with lots of emotional songs like this bone-chilling theme song:

Watch the trailer if you still aren't sold.


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  • Weird that you are promoting a movie...
    but yes. I agree with you that the movie is quite solid.
    Is it on netflix still?

    • I don't use Netflix so I don't know. Good to see someone else has seen it!

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  • Yes. Loved it. One I often recommend to people as they've rarely seen.

    Writer/director went on to do Looper (which was imperfect but had some cool parts) and is the one directing Star wars 8 and 9 (after JJ Abrams does 7, coming out next month).

    Which gives me great hope in those sw films.


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