Traveling to Spain alone?

Next year I will be traveling oversease alone from Sydney for the first time. I have no other people who are interested in traveling to Spain with me, so I have decided to do a contiki tour alone, and I am freaking out! I have never left Sydney on my own before, let alone traveled to a foreign counry where I can speak only a little bit of the language. I am generally a responsible and sociable person, I am just really afraid.

Does anyone have any tips?
Has anyone been on Contiki? What was your experience? Is it safe to travel alone if you're responsible enough?


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  • I'm a Brazilian living in Europe and the first time I came here I was 19 and alone as well, everything was fine.
    People in Spain are super welcoming towards foreigners so you surely won't have any issues.

    ps.: everyone love aussies also, so it's a plus for you ;)

    • Haha, so I've heard! Thank you for commenting! What is it about the Aussie accent? Hahaha

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  • I do not have any idea about Contiki.
    But I have done myself travelling alone. So I can talk about that.

    It is gonna be NOT easy. You will go alone overseas. Which is a real responsibility.
    Especially Spain. I am not saying it is a dangerous country but if you do not speak their language it can be challenging for you.
    Because they do not speak English at all.

    So if you really can not find anyone to travel with you; go with your guts and go for it.
    Have a little Spanish English conversation book and dictionary.

    And I guess you will be with people but you do not know them right?
    So you won't be alone totally.
    You will be a part of a group. Which is far better than a being a totally alone.

    In the group you can find someone that you can hang out with I suppose?

    That is what I think.
    But ask people who has done this. Reviews are important.

    And meet people before you go. That can be helpful too.

    • That's right: when I was in Spain, most people didn't seem to know any English.

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    • Thank you again! I can't wait

    • no problem :) bon voyage <3

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  • Girls travelling on their own is such a bad idea. lol

  • No idea about Contiki. The people I met in Spain were pretty cool, but I visited Alicante.

    • Okay, the tour goes from Barcelona, to Sevile, to Madrid and Ibiza :) So I'm pretty pumped.

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