What interesting hobby would you recommend a 26 y/o girl in a wheelchair?


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  • Genealogy!! It's something that will take up your whole life if you find it interesting. It's like a giant jig-saw puzzle. You think it's finished, the someone hand you another box of bits. You can really find out who you are and where you came from. Be prepared to unearth a few cans of worms and skeletons in cupboards! I certainly have done! Makes it more interesting!


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  • i saw recently this charity thing where you read books and record them in your voice for the blind
    and the thing is you have to... hmm you know how parents change their voices and moods when they are reading for their kids? well that lol
    so that the listener can really get into the story

    that sounded really cool !
    we are probably from different countries but im sure you have that where you live somewhere

    if you are artistic you can try the paper art thing... not sure what its called

    maybe do sports?


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  • I like to sew, so I would recommend that :-)

    I'm also just going to brainstorm for you: beading/ making jewelry, cooking, instrument, writing, reading, some craft I haven't mentioned, err... Gaming, art, drawing... That's all I can think of


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