Lana del Rey vs Marina and the Diamonds vs Melanie Martinez?

Which is your favorite? They all have a similar, melancholy dream pop vibe. If you're a mildly whiny anorexic like me chances are you like all 3, but if you had to pick the one that speaks to you most who would it be?

Personally I love Lana. She inspired me during a really dark time in my life. I'd never heard of her before someone played me "Ride" because it reminded her of me and I cried cuz it was exactly my life at the time.

Who's your fav and why?
  • Lana, the Queen
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  • Marina, the Electra Heart
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  • Melanie Martinez, the Cry Baby
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  • I don't like any of them and my opinion is irrelevant
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  • Lana. I just really got into her maybe 2 months ago. And I also am LOVING this new album much more than her previous work as a whole. I can't wait until the entire album is released in September.

    Honeymoon <3


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