Which is more costly: inserting subtitles or inserting audio tracks?

For instance, Germans import an American film. Then which is more expensive: adding English captions or adding English audios?
  • Audio is more expensive.
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  • They are equally expensive.
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  • Caption is more expensive.
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  • I have no idea.
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  • Audio requires hiring actors. Subtitles just require someone to type and synchronize the subtitles to the audio. Dubbing is probably more than 10x as expensive as subtitling, and people mostly prefer subtitles.


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  • Subtitles are just a file that is accessed by the film. IIRC, they are. srt files on a Windows PC. I'm not sure about the case of an actual film, but it can't be too expensive.

  • Audio is much more expensive, because they have to hire voice actors. If they want the movie to do well they will hire good voice actors who aren't cheap. Some voice actors will charge as much as 5000$ a minute.


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