How will I get a friend in to comics?

So I saw Ant-man with a firend and he said that he wanted to get into comics but did not know what to read. And i did not know what to recommed to him he likes the marvel movies and like the walking dead so i recommed those or is there a better jumping on point and how will I show himm how to get them then go from there? I am sorry that this question is a little "BLAH why is she asking these", but I need help to explain them to him on jumping on points and how to get them so if you wanna be so kind and help me that will be awesome and thank you you beautiful people xD.


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  • Totally not nerding out over comic books but...
    Comic books have these thing called ages right?
    The Golden Age.
    The Silver Age.
    The Dark Ages.
    The Modern Ages.
    (probably forgot a few)

    Essentially every time the big comic book companies reboot their franchises a new age begin.
    He likes Ant-man.
    It's one of them Modern gritty reboot stuff so I say , getting him into modern age comics would be a good start.

    Try things like
    "The Dark Knight Return" *Batman as a BRUTAL geezer who has no problems kicking knees in and turning crim's elbows... THE OTHER WAY cos well... old-age crisis or something

    The Civil War series by Marvel. Avengers vs Avengers *the new avenger movie is rumored to have something to do with setting the series up for the Civil War I heard.
    How about that Captain America versus Tony Stark eh?

    I never read Ant-man and most people think it's kinnnnda a lame power but if he wanna well he can start on that too lol


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  • Usually we pick our comic heroes subconsciously by those that have THE power (s) that WE lack.
    e. g. Those that can't jump high, run fast = The Flash
    non swimmers = Aquaman

    W/o revealing what you think her weakness is, suggest a hero strong in that vein


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  • watch the classic marvel movies, im sure your friend will like it! by the way your picture is very nice😊


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