Is this song text correct?

So hi,
this is mainly a question for people who have English as their mothertongue.
i write lyrics for songs, and i'd like to know if you understand everything, and if there are any grammar mistakes.
so here:

she looks in the mirror and sees all the ugly words they threw at her
going to school is a struggle and seeing him with her is even more
tears drop silently on the floor
and even though her cheeks stay often dry, her cheeks stay often dry
you can always see her eyes cry

But baby
put your hand in mine
falling stars will guide us through the night

She comes off as strong , she comes off as strong
but that broken 13 year old is still inside of her, inside of her
but you don't care do you?
no you don't care
but i have one last, one last question
does your light burn brighter now?
does this make you proud?
yes you're a player
but the person you play the most is yourself

Yes she'll put her hand in mine
falling stars will guide us through the night
and we'll be alright

PS:i'm not 26, i'm 17 haha, its a mistake.


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  • its correct.

  • I really like the chorus part.


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