If you're extremely talented with martial arts, ballet and gymnastics? What does it mean?

I've pretty much been an athlete for most of my life. Everything I do I'm very talented in. But what does it mean? What kind of intelligence requires being amazing at those kind of things I listed?

Just want- opinions...


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  • I believe their is such a thing as physical intelligence... coordination and spatial awareness is high... you not only are good at those things, but you thrive at them to the point of feeling down if you don't get a chance to push yourself physically...


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  • Not intelligence but muscle memory and motoric capabilities...

    • Well- to remember moves do well and forms isn't easy. The other of course.

      I learn these kind of things fast. Like in 30 minutes of doing something...

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    • Some people are just better than others. That's what I'm trying to get at.

    • Yes. Of course there will always be people who are better than others in some things.
      Some people excel in sports, some people excel in business, some people excel in arts, some in education... some in more than just one.
      It happens often.

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  • It's got a pretty simple name you wouldn't believe
    that you didn't guess it already, when I told you..

    Body and movement intelligence. ^.~

    Though it may be combine with
    a bit of spatial intelligence.

  • It doesn't take intelligence... It takes dedication and motivation
    It means that you found something you love

    • And if you did it when you were young, it's already going to be epic when you're grown

    • Not always. Some people lose it because their bodies change.

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