Anyone remember the Endless Stairs in the video game, Super Mario 64?

I have and that shepard tone music backward has haunted me back in my childhood. I'll never forget the moment when Nintendo trolled me with the endless stairs in this classic game.

(10 hour video, obviousy don't want the whole video of the same loop)

  • Yes and it kinda creeped me out the first time playing this part of the video game.
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  • Yes and it still haunts me up to this very day.
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  • Yes and it never creeped me out at all.
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  • I voted "A", because it used to creep me out as a kid. The piano, combined with the Bowser photos and endlessness... just creeped me out so much lol.

    Anyway, I remembered this part to this day. I never realized I had to get MORE stars (I was so disappointed.)

    I still wonder who the genius castle engineer was who was able to create an endless staircase. I'm impressed!


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  • This game is such a CLASSIC!!

  • Yeah i remember those. Great game, even today.

  • Yes Jesus Christ this really creeped me out to the point I just stopped playing lol

  • Never played that game.

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