What do you think about this song lyric?

Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet

Actually, I’m a little scared, I’m sorry

Let’s not make promises, you never know when tomorrow comes

But I really mean it when I say I like you

Don’t ask me anything

I can’t give you an answer

We’re so happy as we are right now

Don’t try to have me

Let’s just stay like this

You’re making it more painful, why?

Don’t smile at me

If I get attached to you, I’ll get sad

I’m afraid that pretty smile will turn into tears

Don’t expect too much from me

I don’t wanna lose you either

Before things get too deep, before you get hurt

Don’t trust me

*no song could ever tell my story better than this. Please, give me some advice what to do...


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  • What is it you would like advice about?

    The song starts off kind of sweet but becomes very, very sad. The speaker is so wrapped up in fear and defense that genuine love will not be possible (or, apparently, even wanted).

    You aren't the speaker, are you?

    • No, but my guy best friend.. I just don't know what to do...

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    • I do think so, but it just hard to move on haha

    • I know what you mean. I've been there.

      Take care.

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