Help! I think there is something wrong with my PS4 :( ?

So I was going to play on my PS4 today but then something happened. The signal on the TV isn't working, it just says, "No signal" The PS4 Is now just on Standby I think, but every time I turn it on it blinks blue a couple of times, and then it just changes to a steady white and stays that way. I've tried restaring it, and everything. I can't plug it into another TV because well I only have one TV that has an open cable thing. So I can't use the others to test it out. Is there something I did wrong? What caused this? What can I do to fix it? This is the first time that this has ever happened.


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  • Maybe the cable that connects the PS4 to the TV is what's not working. The steady white light is normal, mine is like that. I think is something related to the cable, so try using a different one.


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