Any thoughts on NXT Take Over Brooklyn?

I thought it was a great show, the nxt divas stole the show, that was probably one of the greatest diva matches ever and I'm glad Bayley went over. The ladder match between Balor and Owens was great too, and I really enjoyed watching Thunder Liger make his wwe debut


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  • I liked it.


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  • Didn't get to see it sadly. I do hope Undertaker beats Lesnar tomorrow though

    • Rumor is sting is suppose to interfere, setting up Taker vs Sting at WM32

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    • If he does, I can see WWE go back to the ways of the Attitude Era

    • No I think it'll be the way it is right now but maybe a little bit more better, the attitude era was awesome but it was based on great storylines and feuds, amazing promos, and a whole lot of sexuality. People forget just how edgy the attitude era got, it was basically TV-MA, USA network was constantly getting so pissed at Vince for crossing and pushing the line every Monday night, but USA wouldn't argue with the ratings 6.0-8.0! If trips gets full control I think it's be an actual wrestling school with more epic matches and less storyline

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  • I just watch the Divas. I didn't see the show though. I like Sasha Banks. She's sexy. Bayley is attractive too.


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