PLEASE HELP! How to build a great and interesting plot with kick-ass characters?

I'm working on a story and have SO many ideas!! But I just don't know how to organize them and/or how to build a great story, though everything is there.

I am not sure how to make some good mind map to develop them further!! Help!!


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  • You won't find help for that here. There are even people who studied this for years and never wrote something successful or at least interesting. Only 2 options: You are a nature Talent and just have a gift or you bad story after bad story until you're 50 years old and then get successful and write your first good Storys like the big authors.

    • Everybody says I do and want to read more of them... but I really am bad at planning. Usually, I just write it down, just to read over it again and delete most parts... and rewriting some better ideas. But I don't want to work like that forever, it's tiring. I want an easier way to structure it properly. Because... I write a lot😢😶

    • Oh I see. Well I can't help you with that but good luck!

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  • Try to get those ideas on paper. Do a story outline with all the thing you want to put into the plot. Don't be afraid of omitting some things if they just aren't working. And try to keep things simple, you don't want to load the story down with unnecessary stuff.

  • Don't have a romantic relationship involved. It is so cliché.

    • Well I do like romantic relationships, as far as they are not the cliché-type and the adventure/action and real plot plays a greater role... and it develops in a realistic way... is it that bad?

    • Romance is just boring to me. If you like romance then by all means, write it up.

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  • well the most lauded method is a bubble/flow chart type thing. you can't go wrong. also, I tend to split things into index cards and just stick them up on an idea wall. being able to visually and physically alter/move things around helps with planning the structure and flow of my papers.

    • That really helps me a lot... thank you very much!

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