If you were to win Americas got Talent what would your act be, and what would you do with the prize money?

I would want to win for being a comedian, and I would but a mansion haha!


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  • Probably either singing, or martial arts
    since those are what I'm doing anyways.

    I wish I could be funny like you
    but being funny is not in my nature
    life has rendered me too serious.

    Anyways, with the money collected
    I would like to either build, or fund a shelter
    for orphans, and the homeless.

    If that isn't enough, I could always just
    dontate, or save them for later.

    I do enjoy traveling, so perhaps
    I could do that.

    • You sound so thoughtful! the world needs more of you!

  • It would be as a guitarist like Eric Johnson or Steve Howe and I'd keep every penny I made


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