Who's your favorite actor?

I've just now gotten into the habit of searching Netflix by actor. My favorite actor of all time came as a surprise to me, because I had never heard of him before watching his movies.

Christian Bale, actor expert.

Who's your favorite actor?

Your turn. Go.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Alexander Skarsgård

    • I've never heard of him before. (The link you sent was a 404 error for me) what's he in?

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    • TV is so weird

    • Haha yes it is

Most Helpful Guy

  • Ah man that's a tough decision. I mean I like a lot, but who do I love as a actor? Who really do I enjoy seeing on the big screen? I mean so many really good actors. I won't list them. I'll just give my favorite. I don't if you know him or not. He's just some guy.


    Like I said just some nobody :P


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