I want to make a YouTube video and get a 100 million viewers?

So what are good ideas for a video to get that many viewers?


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  • You dont... if there was an easy way of doing it, everyone would do it.

    Infact, i'm going to say it will be impossible.

    Even PewDiePie (Most subscribed person on youtube with 38,882,000 subscribers)

    can't acheive that, his most viewed video 68,500,000 views (31,500,000 short of your goal),

    So yeah, Not going to happen unless you magically become a famous korean person and made a shitty music video (Like gangnam style, which is now the most viewed video on earth with 2.4 BILLION views)

    • dude you really are a party pooper

    • I will use @Doffydood idea

    • Its just impossible.

      Whilst its fun to have incredible goals and shit, Dont try and loose touch with reality.

      Like i said, Pewdiepie is the most succesful single youtuber at the moment, and it took him almost half a decade to become that, So, I seriously doubt you will become twice as popular as him in any realistic timespan, if at all.

      To be honest, 99.99999999999999999% of youtube accounts are just people who had the same idea as you, the '''i want LOTS of viewers and to be really really famous'' yet they never got more then 10 subscribers and just gave up after a month of nothing.

      so yeah, dont get your hopes up, its borderline impossible this will actually happen.

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  • Make really cool things out of Play Doh and then destroy them in creative manners, such as explosions, burning, liquid nitrogen or just dropping something heavy on it.

  • Be Fake, Unoriginal and have no morals but here's a video made for you by the sexy Psychicpebbles


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