Where to download or read free book&mangas from like what website or app?


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  • These sites are for books but you might find manga too.
    Bookfi. org
    Tuebl. com
    Blacklib. com
    4shared. com
    Also, if you're willing to dowload a torrrent server like Bittorent or Utorrent, you can get virtually any manga or book you'd ever think of plus music, movies, shows, video games, and software. Its only 5 mega bytes or so and easy to install. Once you've got that done to to these sites and dowload anything you'd like.
    Isohunt. com
    Piratebay. com
    Kickasstorrents. com


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  • I use zingbox, or mangasearcher ^-^ but there are plenty of websites if you just type in 'read manga online free' to google


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