What do you think of this animation?

I'm an artist and I wrote a comic about 2 years ago. I decided to for the first time ever, put my stories and ideas into an animated series. I'm awaiting the arrival of a lot of the resources I need but in the mean time I've been testing a lot of things. I was originally gonna do a 2D claymation but making every angle of every character out of clay proved too tedious.
Not to mention clay degrades and gets dirty easily. I decided on paper cut outs (Like Southpark). I know the quality of this video is far from perfect but that's why it's just a test. I ordered a 1080p camera and I'm just waiting on it to get here. Anyway I'm mostly just wondering how good the movement, physics, and fluidity of the animation is to you?
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  • The first one made go lol. Super random. *doll shows up... --> flies of into space* .

    My guess is that the story was about an earthquake and on the way home there was an aftershock that made him fall down. If I'm right then yay for you, you created an understandable story with movements and graphics. If I'm wrong, then maybe I'm just not as creative and fail to see your genuis story.

    Anyways it does look good for a test. It's your first home-made animation I take? So in that case it looks fine. The eye movement and stuff looked fine. I understood right away oh he's going to go inside his house. So if you consider that movement etc. then it's good.

    One thing you might want to keep in mind is the amount of screen you've got. For example when you rotate the cam at 4 sec to create some kind of earthquake there is some slight black at the lower left side of the screen.

    I do find it hard to say though based on 14 sec. Though I know it takes hours of work to make that 14 sec :P.

    By the way random thought of mine: it reminded me of a 90's (children) series.

    Well good luck, keep up the good work!


    • There was no story at all to be honest. I already have a 50 page comic book that I am going to animate (as described in the question). These are merely test videos with no specific story. Their sole purpose in life is to test the character movent and the software, framerates, etc. The earthquake scene was just a random spur of the moment thing and I'd be sure not to include any parts outside of the set in the actual anymation. Lastly you're right it does take a long time but certainly not hours just for 14 secs lol. I'd kill myself. This particular animation probably took about 20 minutes and that's mostly due to me not having a specific goal or direction and having to change out multiple pieces in a short amount of time. Thanks for the feedback though, it's greatly appreciated. :)

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    • Ah sorry then xd, hm yeah you're right. Looking at it again it's impossible unless he walks up to it. Well it does look like it has a great future so I'm sure you'll make a great animation story :)

      Not sure if I answered all your feedback points but no problem.

      Good luck

    • Thank you, yea I have high hopes for it/

  • very nice!


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