Black Hawk Down vs Zero Dark Thirty (only fighting scenes)?

These are the two Special Operations-themed movies I have ever wathed.
Black Hawk Down features First Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta.
Zero Dark Thiry features Naval Special Warfare Development Group.
Admittedly the first one is more famous since it has been released for longer time.
Which one's fighting scenes do you think is better?
Black Hawk Down vs Zero Dark Thirty (only fighting scenes)?

  • Black Hawk Down.
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  • Zero Dark Thirty.
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  • Only watched one or none of them.
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  • Black Hawk Down is one of my favorite movies, the action was great. ZDT was very good too,, but can't compare to Black Hawk Down.


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  • I didn't see Black Hawk Down, but I will say that about 95% of Zero Dark Thirty wasn't fighting, which is what appealed the most to me.

  • Only seen Black Hawk Down. Pretty good.

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