Have you downloaded Justin Bieber What Do You Mean yet?


i love him and the song preview sounds hot and all but lol I can wait a couple days.
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  • No, I haven't.
    Don't really plan on it either.

    But I'm glad there's music that's being made that still excites you. =)
    I'm jealous kind of. :(

    • It's not really exciting me. I've just had no choice but to be brainwashed into talking about it. Beliebers have been going on about it for "30" days. Straight. I got sick of where are you now being over promoted months before it came out and So I'm waiting until this dies down. The thing with music is people often ruin it for you. Music is everything to me and I'm a musician. If I didn't have music I would literally be dead right now. I'm so close but gotta hold on to that last note for as long as possible.

    • I'm also a musician...
      But of course, you can't survive on it. It's always more like a hobby than a job, obviously...
      But no good music is even being done these days. That makes me sad.

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  • Heard the song... (not gonna lie) liked the chorus... never planning on downloading it though.

  • Nah , I have been listening to old songs. No idea about new songs unless it comes up on the ad or something.

  • Yeah, I'll admit that I like some of Justin Bieber's stuff, but only a few. I can count on one hand the number of songs I like of his. BUT I really could care less about what that brat produces.

  • What a... Fan girl.

    • I feel very much like calling this out. What fangirl would rather wait a few days to listen to it. It's just a song and he's a good musician so get over yourself. Ta for your empty gun opinion thought.

    • I care because?

  • Sorry, I don't really like her music :)


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