What's your favorite TV show?

Are there any shows that you binge watch or even watched again once they were finished?
What are your favorite shows on TV or Netflix?
Feel free to list as many as you want :)


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  • -The originals
    -The vampire diaries
    - Melissa and Joey
    - supernatural
    - mr. robot
    - humans
    - teen mom
    -teen wolf
    -the walking dead
    - izombie
    - the blacklist
    -pretty little liars
    -beauty and the beast

    Wow I can go on for days haha, sorry! Too much free time these days.

    • Haha don't be sorry, finally someone with an actual list! :)

    • Haha I can follow instruction :). wouldve breached into a full on catalog, or directory if I listed Netflix to :p.

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  • My favorite that's still on is Supernatural.
    My favorite that has ended is True Blood.
    Those probably are my top 2 all-time faves. But I watch and love a LOT of TV shows.

    • Omg I loved true blood (ahem.. EricπŸ˜…)! One of the shows I watched like 3 times so far ^^;
      & supernatural because dean - although that became a little too spaced out for me when "lucifer" himself entered the whole thing..

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    • hah everyone will get what they deserve in the end, I actually liked the ending but it kinda made me wish for more future seasons still.. @HookingSwan

    • Aw... 😐 tbh me too
      Even if i didn't like the other seasons as much, I was pretty much addicted to True Blood.
      Id like many more seasons as well...

  • Once Upon a Time
    One Tree Hill

  • Im currently watching living single, I love Lucy, Malcolm in the middle and I recently finished breaking bad

  • - Pretty Little Liars
    - Instant Star
    - The Fosters
    - 90210
    - Girls in Love
    - Ugly Betty

  • Grey's, Castle , Law and Order, Prison Break , Criminal Minds and Leverage.

  • Supernatural is my favorite. x3
    Though.. I do seem to rewatch the walking dead a lot. So that's probably second.

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