What's the name of this song?

I'm 99% sure it's by Christina Aguilera. It's one of her earlier songs and the music video has a window and like a dark black or grey background. It's one of her first hits and it starts out really bluesy and slow with a pentatonix scale and it's really low at first but then there's a key change and a bunch of crazy runs and high notes at the end. It's an "I remember him" type break up song and literally the only lyrics I can remember is "I visualize" and "remember" PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!


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  • Maybe its "Bound to You"

  • Jar of hearts, arms, or human?

    • Hmm I think those are by Christina Perri, not Christina Aguilera. Thanks though! :)

    • Crap! I confused them but no problem

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