Should I get a PS4?

I've been an xbox person my whole life, not very familiar with playstation. But lately i've been thinking about getting a PS4 cause of the games only for playstation. Is it worth spending my money on? What's better and worse about it?
I was supposed to do a poll but forgot, sorry


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  • Most famous exclusive game titles belongs to the playstation.


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  • Depends which games do you like?

    If you have to pick I would honestly get the PS4 but that's because i hate xbox games.

    Though the best selling ps game console is the PS2 and another best selling game console is the Nintendo Wii. I'm more of a Nintendo person because the games are more creative and interesting to me.


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  • I've been on this debate myself haha. I'm not sure... with the Xbox One being able to get some backwards compatibility later on this year, that is good. Maybe PlayStation 4 will get this eventually? I've had a PS2 and liked it, but skipped 3 for an Xbox 360.

    If you are able to afford one, and you really like the game titles (current and coming out) I say go for it! :)

  • I would get a PS4!


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