Why are some movies considered classics that shouldn't be?

I started watching 'Blade Runner' the other day, and omg what a disappointment.

It's boring.
It really doesn't make a lot of sense.

Those are the biggest two, but honorable mentions...

Believing the world would look like that in 37 years is downright silly.
The technology is LAUGHABLE... I don't remember SW looking like glorified early 1980's tech.


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  • it has to do wid sales actually... and only...

    if a movie sold big then it'd be considered a "classic" wether it was shitty or not... but of course this differs from person to person ccordin to his/her taste... for xample i found "avatar" da shittiest movie ever... whilst other people loved it... and it might be considered a classic after a few decades...

    np... it all has to do wid someone's taste as i said... ;)


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