Why is there no money in dance?

I have a passion for dance ballet, hip hop and jazz when I got older my dream was to become a professional dancer with my own TV show however as I was doing research today it became clear to me that making a living out of being a dancer is almost impossible professional dancers get paid so little it is ridiculous I read that some girls on the LA Lakers dance team only get paid around $300 per basketball game that is pathetic why is there so little money in dance why is it so hard to make a career out of dance however strippers and pole dancers can most definitely make a thousands a night. Ballet dancers hip hop dancers jazz and tap dancers all work extremely hard. Dance is an art, and it takes 10 plus years to master that art so why does it receive such little recognition? I feel like even high fashion models would have a better time becoming supermodels than dancers. Dam


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  • Because it has no real worth to society in the way in which it would make a contribution to how things operate. Passion doesn't mean money. I would love to be a Homeric scholar but that's not reasonable.


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  • Why is there no money in anything other than business, politics, law, medicine and technology development?

    Because people can see professional dance anywhere now - not only in theaters.


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