I want to create a WhatsApp account but?

once I validate my cell phone... will they use my cell phone number for the app-meaning; when i text other people through whatsapp will my REAL number show up? or will whatsapp make up a random number?

The point is, i dont want whatsapp to expose my real number to the people i message through the app.


Most Helpful Girl

  • yes, your real number will show up because Whatsapp is based on your phone number only not your id

    • so when i text the other person through whatsapp, my number will show up?

    • yes, if the person didn't have your number on their contact, but if they already have your number instead of your number, your name will appear.

    • Thanks for picked me as MHO :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't see what can go so wrong with giving your number to someone you want to chat with...

    • i dont want them to know it. will my number come out?

    • To add someone that you want to talk to you're gonna have to give them your number.

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  • You can't talk to someone through this unless you give them your number.
    Who were you planning on talking to?


What Guys Said 2

  • The real number will shoe up.. but wait use some other app becz its is ranked 2nd in the worlds most insecure apps.

  • Yes it's your real number why would they make up a random number.
    I been using for years
    It's your user name that comes up anyway.

    • so if i add another person on whatsapp, will they only see my user name or my cell phone too?

    • Your user name if they're in your contact list not sure if not in you list and a new number you just sent a message to.

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