Round XV: Favorite hi-NRG song (year 1987)?

"Always On My Mind"... this... :D

  • Bananarama - I Heard A Rumor
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  • Bona-Riah - House Of The Rising Sun
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  • Laura Branigan - Shattered Glass
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  • The Communards - Never Can Say Goodbye
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  • Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back to My Room)
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  • New Baccara - Call Me Up
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  • Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
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  • Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind


Most Helpful Guy

  • I am going The Communards "Never Can Say Goodbye"

    • seems like u love The Communards... :D

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    • Yeah Communards had a much more produced sound probably because Sommerville had evovled since his BB days but sometimes I like bands' early stuff rather than their later more polished stuff.

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • Laura Branigan and Bananarama, hmm, tough choice again... but Pet Shop Boys are great too, Always On My Mind is a legendary song, it's really hard to decide, you always have excellent selection of songs

    • thanks man... :)

      ya it's a gr8 song.. and far superior than elvis' original version in my opinion... ;)

    • I agree 100% :D

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